Hello - I’m Eadaoin Holden.  I graduated from DIT College of Marketing & Design in Dublin in 1996 with an Advanced Diploma in Environmental & Spatial Design.  As the Celtic Tiger roared over the following number of years, I gained a huge amount of experience working with various interiors practices and also directly with developers.

In that time, I worked with a vast range of clients with varying design challenges and budgets.  These included private and commercial projects ranging from one-off luxury homes to show houses for developers and contemporary office projects.  In 2008, I decided to distil this experience into my own West of Ireland-based practice. More than ten years later, I now focus on private homes, residential developments and office projects.
Taking a look at my portfolio, you’ll see I create timeless, crisp and light-hearted spaces. But I feel it’s important they also include dashes of character and genuine individuality.  That’s why I always take a very collaborative approach.

By blending your thoughts with my ideas and outlook, we can create fresh, original and unique interiors.  Sometimes these are slightly more classical. Other times they’re 100% contemporary. But whatever the result, they’ll reflect your personality, your specific needs and make the very best use of your available space.
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