I’ve learned that the more enjoyable the working process is, the better the result.  That means you can look forward to a positive, productive collaboration from the first sketch to the final reveal.  At the same time, I’ll gently guide you towards a result you can be proud of.
Whatever your design challenge, it’s essential to start with questions.  Questions about the scope of the project. About your lifestyle, likes and aspirations.  About timescales. And, of course, about budgets.  With a corporate brief, the questions are equally searching.  We delve into what the business does, who works for it and how employees interact day-to-day.
To achieve the ideal outcome, we don’t just consider decorative solutions.  Often, we recommend structural and spatial alterations.  Following this, we identify the electrical and plumbing layouts, the materials, furnishings, fittings and colour schemes that will transform the plan into reality.  Of course, craftsmanship and skill are also needed.  Over the years, we’ve built up a network of talented craftspeople and suppliers whom we can depend on to deliver beautiful finished work.
Once we’ve conceived a solution, it’s presented in a way that really brings it to life. Written specifications, CAD drawings, imagery and tangible samples are used to give the clearest possible idea of the final result. It’s always wise to avoid surprises - even though some can be very pleasant!
Where it is required, at every step of a project we monitor the ongoing work. By liaising with everyone involved - clients and tradespeople alike – we ensure all proposals and costings remain on track and of course that the optimal finish is achieved.